Welcome to world of non medical trial researches


In todays Word of rapid scientific advancements, where ingredients and substances to develop new formulas, cures and medicines are beeing explored, developed and tested at highest possible rates - it is evident more then ever that proper Statistical data over the population that will be potential consumer of new released products is of high urge.


Science & Research is dedicated to collection of information from the established territories. Information collected can be of different nature, but usually is:

  1. Demographic data
  2. Sociologic data
  3. Anthropologic data
  4. Bilogical and physiological data
  5. Psihological profiles
  6. Feedback to specific products
  7. Other different specialized data

We operate only in Europe, and due to our limited reach we may not be present in the countries where we find heavy competition (Germany, Italy, France, e.g.)



Science & Research is conducting studies with the aim to collect meaningful statistical data. This means, we do not engage in medical trials, targeted campaigns, etc.

What we do is rather, collecting information about statistic distribution over certain population (e.h. body measurements)


We collect different type of data, from demographic, anthropologic, physiologic etc.

We do that by enagaging volunteers to undergo screenings and exams, fill surveys or we conduct interviews.

Our researchers are usually also participants in our studies, and we encourage everyone to contribute to the brighter future of science.